Evocations: Exotic Settlers

by Mister E. Menachem

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The album, "Evocations: Exotic Settlers" is an evocative musing on the sound language nestled deep within the poetic substance of orated selections from a collection of works under the same title. In continuity with the theme of "exotic settlers", the album is an experimental narrative-sound art exploration into the imagination of a journey of settlement, both archaic and modern.

Here, voice soundings are mixed with one instrument at a time, to convey a sense of the traveler, whose light pack is ideal for the road ahead, and whose voice traverses the simple grandeur of sonic revelry from a single instrumental accompaniment.

Themes of travel are juxtaposed with settlement, both in the settlement of tradition and ecology, and the inner and outer journey to that destination. To settle on one instrument at a time is a metaphor for the inward/outward experience of settlement for the migrant, who eventually becomes an "exotic settler".

Exotic Settlers charts the journey of experiencing the naturally transformative process of ending a period of transitional residence, and beginning to live in one place exclusively.

By the end of the sonic traversal, there is neither strict closure nor resolve about a permanent sense of home, only a greater awareness of perspective as it lies sometimes firmly, but mostly without any grasp on any actual "thing" on a ground of experimental, flowing, spontaneous expressions in language.


released April 23, 2013



all rights reserved


Mister E. Menachem Brooklyn, New York

My ancestors are from the lands in and around what is now Norway, Poland, Germany and Greece. They lived above the Arctic Circle, spoke Yiddish, were Romaniote Greek, English settlers during the revolutionary war of America, and from Germany pioneered in 19th century Alberta, Canada where they also took Blackfoot names. They were buried in religious fame; and so I also go by Menachem ben Asser. ... more

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Track Name: Africa Selfless
I remember Africa

A skeletal footprint
Awakening humanity

To Earth


selflessness is the father of human survival

a feathered ear
a hummed prayer
soars without me

March 11, 2011
Overlooking the Bow River, Calgary
Track Name: monosexuality
explorations into same
sex soundings,
flourishings, embellishments
a blip into sonic humanity, striking
the most sensitive chord

western civility estranged
captivity in genital awareness
a rough and tumble, hide
and seek gathering
pushing into skin
draped exotic
law, broken by
caress and
gentle magic,
winning over
the ravaged tragedy
of attraction,
a sounding
for the war
on sex

March 9, 2011
Chinatown Calgary by night
Track Name: shaped by more hands
and not leading, trying, attempting,
nor bluntly giving, allowing or assuming,
yet to leave an ear, as offering, sacrificial listening,

to give an ear that attached a host
lets down the body into the cured mammal's coat,
whose friendship bore a spiritual communion

to dash human isolation into a silent greeting with nature
in even breath,
to leave that altar, as it survives within us
a space through which a command may pass,
one totally absorptive and proud as the enthroned mythic law,
expressed from the bearded name
whose secret existence frightens no one
its instantaneous insignificance is to be always present,
in the moment and never born nor witnessed by any thing manifest,

that whispered from a most minute creation,
a passing glut forgotten by the entire visible universe,
only to return through a remembering heard in voiceless rhythm,
to create from nothing!
an identity beyond the mimicking mold,
shaped by more hands.

March 30, 2011
Chinatown Calgary
Track Name: I drank in the stupor
I drank in the stupor of cacophonous snow
blind midnight blood horrors
till dawn's resurrected weed drawn beyond -
hoarse, grotesque awe,
forever naming the ingrained hosts of cemetery brooding
under fine wintry lights,
the ancient melancholic seed
planted woodland northeast, Georgia to Maine,
climactic conflicts astir amid native rumors
climbing upward into the dimming roosts' long call
granting palm wishes in the Mexican eyeball drool
on John Lennon street fair-minded
donating beautiful soundless hearts
through world music motion
of our one universal language emotion
and the commonly evolved ground broken through violent social awareness
meant to survive generations
with the traumatic blessing of the great earthly groan
MA, virgin, temptress,
my Kuan Yin

March 7, 2011
Remembering Staring at My Love Expressing Alone on the Day of the Virgin of Guadalupe, written in Calgary
Track Name: roaming to sacrifice
and the aftermath of a wordless crisis

vagaries of mind bound by geographic boom
into the obscured continental pole

estranged to unknown homes

sacrificed to roaming
Track Name: turning over the ashes of the Unnamed
a distant, dry flame
turning over the ashes of the unnamed
fallen in pits
beware, the presidential return

breeding with genocidal urns
loving the tirades that sink oceans
into Charybdis swarms

alone, centered by intoxication and my forlorn host
brother, in demise
a lonesome paradox in disguise
read and weep, as the ancients' rowing

cabins alight with pages
in the eyes of warring children
who cry in blood
and tear from the sod with teeth, cracked
amid the skeleton earth, war torn

greed, strapped aimlessly to the butterfly
home bearing Trotskyan steeds
in the fight to bring back wealth
to the lands of Zapatista

covered with stark, oppressive emotion
and chained, now
to the oriental rug

March 7, 2011
Chinatown Calgary
Track Name: allahlelujah
celebrating her love
in an instantaneous flash, begging at the feet of an all-encompassing Mother
at the breast, featureless nipple, dropped
into the fornicating mouth
purple with newborn fear
loosening the strung demons
frequenting with a mental fine
earned through saturated yesterdays and plagued hideaways
lonesome distress in this unshakable trespass
into the inter-racial fallout

shelter, my only body
in union with earthly desire transcended
in the felt Lust
buns eaten and craved
follicles broken to her anal rash
grunting in forgotten praise
for reason and being

whose eyes prostituted Love
into the ever-waking burn
a forsaken need
swollen whole and dreaming in phrases of paranoia
the random blessing falling on her forehead
resting free the cyclic name